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VIRAL POWER means growing your business with almost no effort on your part.

  • FIRST, sign up for your free Granza marketing account.
  • NEXT, offer the same free Granza marketing account to anyone you wish. When they join, each of those new users will see YOUR ad in multiple places in their own Granza marketing account.
  • DONE! Now you are going VIRAL, because every user THEY refer will see your ad and so on and so on.
Now you will connect with new customers and contacts you could never reach before. Email contacts are always protected. They NEVER see anyone else's ad, only yours. Just like the apps on today's smart phones, there is no longer a need to spend money to increase your business in a professional manner.

Try The Granza "GO VIRAL" Calculator:

See how many Granza users will see your ad and how many new email contacts you can acquire.* Fill out both steps below.
Step 1 is the most important for ALL Granza users!

(These new Granza users become your Level 1 downline users.
These new Granza users will do the same thing as you-invite their OWN Level 1 users, and so on with each new user in the chain.)
GRANZA Users That Will See Your Ad on this Level YOUR New EMAIL CONTACTS Added Via Your Downline Users on This Level
Level 1 0 0
Level 2 0 0
Level 3 0 0
Level 4 0 0
Grand Total 0 0

*The calculator results are based on a 2% average email subscriber rate, an average initial Granza user email contact list size of 300, and a 0.5% average that will
join Granza as new users via that list. Includes 100% ad visibility on Levels 1 and 2, 80% on Level 3 and 70% on Level 4. 3 and 4 are randomly swapped out with non-competing premium ads.

Here's what Viral Power Looks Like:

Tens of thousands of other businesses will want a free Granza account. So, after YOU join, just offer THEM one! It's that simple.
Granza is NOT a revenue sharing MLM system. You make money with the increase in business you will get.

Level 1 - your Direct User Referrals

This is your most important level to get yourself going viral! These are new users that sign up for their own free Granza account by your direct referral. Viral power begins here, so the more the better. Because they want to build their own businesses just like you, each of them AUTOMATICALLY starts a downline viral marketing chain for themselves AND continues yours.

Level 2 Users

Once again, each of your L1 users will want to grow their own businesses too. Just like you did, they simply offer a free Granza marketing account to others. Now, each of their ads AND yours will be seen by your "L2" users. And don't worry about any ads that would compete with your business. We block them! EVERY Granza user gets the same benefits.

Level 3 Users

These new "L3" users referred by L2 users, now see L2 and L1 ads, PLUS your ad. Again, all levels are potential customers and email contacts, since they will see your ad over and over, at no cost to anyone.

Level 4 Users

Just like before, these new "L4" users, referred by L3 users, now see L3, L2 and L1 ads, PLUS yours. Now your ad is being seen on 4 levels. This easily represents many THOUSANDS of consistent ad views with no one being compromised. Every user grows their businesses the same exact way.

It's no mystery. Just simple mathematics.

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