Patent pending Viral Advertising:

  • Granza is the ONLY system that combines free, professional email marketing with the power of true viral advertising. Our number one goal is to promote YOU, not us.
  • Our built in viral components get you new downline users and contacts in multiple ways. The great majority of this happens without you doing a thing.
  • The more you use Granza and refer others, the more successful you will be.
  • Get customers you could never reach before.
  • No limit to how many users will see your advertisement.
  • No software to install-use on any computer or device.

All of the necessary tools you need to email market, advertise, go viral and block ALL competing advertisements:

  • Your advertisement, which will be displayed in your downline users' dashboards and elsewhere.
  • Your unique "promo code" name and QR code, which are your keys to going viral.
  • Our professional, editable email templates plus an email template designer. Just add your content.
  • Create separate email lists and campaigns for precision targeting.
  • Email triggers and autoresponders.
  • A full range of statistics, which let you know how well your email marketing and viral advertising are going.
  • The Granza help system, wizards and webinars, covering all of our cool features.
  • Target your marketing by miles from your location and/or target your entire state or all states.
  • Target all organization types or 2 specific ones.
  • Target self-employed users.
  • A heat map that displays all of your downline user levels and their zip code locations.
  • Up to 2,000 contacts.
  • For those who wish to have them, premium features are available at nominal cost. For most users, the free plan will be all they need.
  • Just like the apps on today's smart phones, there is no longer a need to spend company money to get your message out in a professional manner.

It's BEYOND easy because you're not selling anything!

  • They come from your existing contacts, family, friends, businesses that you know, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin-they're everywhere!
  • Almost any type of business that wants to email market and advertise virally will want to join Granza. Just offer them a free account.
  • Through networking, trade shows, seminars you host, the businesses you currently frequent.
  • Offer Granza to Realtors©, restaurants, retail stores on or off the internet, CPA's, financial planners, business coaches, ANY salesperson, insurance agencies, mortgage lenders, attorneys, social groups, your church or synagogue, charities, any business that wants to make more money without the usual effort and expense.
  • Local media such as radio, TV, print and the internet.
  • Offer a free Granza marketing account as part of your normal business plan. You are simply helping other businesses be more successful.

Simple brilliance:

  • If you currently use another email marketing system, there is almost no learning curve other than creating your free viral ad. You can import your database from your old email service provider.
  • For new email marketing users, our simplified user interface, convenient wizards and “feature tours” let you send your first viral campaign within minutes.
  • Granza users that are referred directly by you are your "Level 1" users. Beyond that, most of the viral marketing job is done for you automatically!
  • You control where your ad goes.
  • You keep your current email address.

Privacy is our priority:

  • Your contact list is yours and yours alone. Granza does not contact them. No personally identifiable information is ever shared.
  • Your contacts never see anyone else’s ad, only yours.
  • Personal information is never shared with anyone, not even other Granza users.
  • Your contacts' personal information is never shared with anyone.
  • If one of your contacts decides to join as a new Granza user like you, they will see your ad plus 3 other non-competing ads.
  • Your downline users receive the same protections as yourself. No one is compromised.
  • If ever you decide to leave Granza, 100% of what you brought into or created on Granza, leaves with you.

They see 4 ads

  • Anyone you refer to join as a new Granza user will see your ad, plus 3 other non-competing ads.
  • The 4 ads are seen on a couple of screens in a user’s dashboard and on occasional emails sent by Granza regarding their user account information.

All of these ways, and every one automatically begins a new viral chain for you:

  • Every email you send from Granza contains a special link embedded with your unique promo code name. This easily lets anyone to sign up for their own free email marketing account under you.
  • Your automatically generated Granza “QR” code, can be scanned by any smart phone. Put it on the back of your business card and keep the image on your own phone for others to scan.
  • Your special link can be added to your company website. When someone clicks on the link, they will be sent to your Granza signup page.
  • Print out your Granza marketing flyer. It contains your business information, your Granza promo code name and QR code for easy scanning.
  • Some new users will sign up without using a promo code, but are still asked who referred them. If they enter your promo code name, your ad will be seen by them.

They are part of the exact same thing. Choosing a good name, one that represents your and your business, is a good idea!

  • When you first join Granza, you choose your own unique promo code “name” up to 20 characters long, such as BESTRESTAURANT, FLORIDAVACATIONS or ABCMARKETING. So for example, then becomes your exclusive web address. At the same time, Granza automatically creates a QR code image for you, which represents that name. When a new user scans the image, they are connected to you when they join Granza. They will see your ad throughout their Granza dashboard and elsewhere.
  • Granza also creates a link that is embedded with your promo code. When someone clicks on the link, it does the same exact thing as above. They will be connected to you when they join Granza and will see your ad throughout their Granza dashboard and elsewhere.