Patent Pending Viral Advertising:

  • Granza is the ONLY system that combines free, professional email marketing with the power of true viral advertising. The free marketing system is the magnet.
  • You can KEEP your existing email marketing provider and still use our viral advertising at no cost.
  • Users on the Granza system and elsewhere are among your potential new customers and new email contacts. You will get connections you could never reach before.
  • There is no limit to how many Granza users will consistently see your advertisement.
  • There is no limit to how many new email contacts you can get.
  • Email contacts are always protected and NEVER shared. They only see YOUR ad.
  • Built in viral components can easily get you THOUSANDS of new downline Granza users and email contacts-almost ALL of it happens without you doing a thing.
  • How many Granza referrals should you get?? It doesn't take much! For every new user that joins Granza, their job is essentially finished once they get Level 1 users. Try our Viral Calculator.
  • Granza is NOT a revenue sharing MLM.

Endless, easy, viral connections. Just get your inital new users (Level 1) and you are done.

  • A mortgage lender, who is a new Granza user, uses their free marketing account to email their contacts about interest rates, loan programs and the like. To expand their business, the lender gives a presentation at a real estate office about their company. As value added, they offer a free Granza marketing account to everyone. A number of Realtors© join and begin to use Granza to email market their own email contacts. Those Realtors© are your Level 1 users and will see your ad in multiple places in their Granza marketing account. For every new user that joins Granza, their job is essentially finished once they get Level 1 users. Now the viral magic begins automatically.
  • Just like you are doing, those Realtors© offer their own email contacts and other connections a free Granza marketing account. Each obtains a number of new Granza users because they want to do the same thing-market their own businesses for free.
  • Among the many Realtor© invitations, one of the referrals is a CPA firm. They are using Granza for email marketing and of course, they see your ad. The CPA then offers all of their business clients and other connections a free Granza marketing account. A number of them join and use Granza to email market their own clients and increase business. All of them see your ad as well.
  • One of the CPA's clients owns an insurance agency and starts using Granza too. Through their own email contacts and other connections, a number of them sign up and use their own free Granza marketing account.
  • One of the insurance company's business clients is a local auto dealer and a member of the chamber of commerce. They use Granza to email their customers regarding their latest inventory and pricing specials. And just like you did, they offer a free marketing account to anyone they wish, including the chamber itself. All of those subsequent users see your ad.
  • What is the result for the mortgage lender? With even modest success, and without spending a dime, thousands of new Granza users, from a wide variety organization types will consistently see the mortgage lender's ad. This means client referrals to Realtors©, new loan customers and new opt in email contacts they could never reach before. All competing ads are blocked, meaning NO competition. Try our Viral Calculator to see the results. Just like the mortgage lender, EVERY Granza user in this example gets the identical viral benefits in the exact same way.

In a variety of easy ways, and every one automatically begins a new viral chain for you:

  • Every email you send out from your Granza account contains a special sign up link. This takes them to your personal signup invitation page. (And at this time, new users are asked to join your email list.) Don't forget to add your link to your business website!
  • Your Granza "QR" code takes the user to your special sign up link. Put it on the back of your business card and keep the image on your phone for others to scan.
  • Print out your included Granza marketing flyer. It contains all of the necessary information for easy sign ups.
  • Some new users will sign up without using a promo code, but are still asked who referred them. Since you're linked to your promo code name, when they enter it, your ad will be seen by them and they will continue your viral downline marketing chain.
  • Each and every one of these new Level 1 users STARTS ANOTHER viral chain for you. After that, it's all automatic!

Everywhere. It's easy because you are not selling anything.

  • Almost any type of business that wants to email market and grow their business virally will want to join Granza for free. As part of your normal business plan, you are helping other businesses by offering them Granza.
  • They come from your existing contacts, clients, family, friends, businesses that you know, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn-they're everywhere!
  • Offer Granza to Realtors©, restaurants, retail stores on or off the internet, CPA's, as part of a company benefits program, marketing companies, your chamber of commerce, financial planners, business coaches, ANY salesperson, insurance agencies, mortgage lenders, attorneys, social groups, your church or synagogue, charities, any business that wants to make more money without the usual effort and expense.

All of the necessary tools you need to email market, advertise, go viral and block ALL competing advertisements:

  • Your advertisement, displayed in your downline users' dashboards, emails to your contacts and elsewhere.
  • Your unique "promo code" name and QR code, which are your keys to going viral.
  • Our beautiful, professional, editable email templates, and an email template designer. Just add your content and send out to your contacts.
  • A full range of statistics, which inform you how well your email marketing and viral advertising are doing.
  • The Granza help system, wizards, videos and webinars, which cover our cool features.
  • Premium features are available at nominal cost. For most users, the free plan will be all they need.
  • Check out the graphics below:...

Easy as pie:

  • There is almost no learning curve other than creating your free viral ad. You can import your contacts from your old email service provider. For new email marketing users, our simplified user interface, convenient wizards and "feature tours" let you send your first email campaign within minutes.
  • Next, to go viral, meaning new downline users, customers and contacts, just offer a free Granza account to anyone you wish. Beyond that, Granza does most of the marketing job for you automatically!
  • You control where your ad goes.
  • You keep your current email address.
  • The answer is the same. It's super simple, whether you are a one person shop or larger company!

By standing by our Privacy Policy, which is:

  • Your email contact list is yours and yours alone. Granza does not contact them. No personally identifiable information is ever shared.
  • Your email contacts only see YOUR ad, even if they decide to use Granza for their own business.
  • Your personal information is never shared with anyone, not even other Granza users.
  • If one of your contacts decides to join as a new Granza user like you, they will see your ad plus 3 other non-competing ads.
  • Your downline users receive the same protections. Granza only gives you their zip code and what level they are on.
  • If ever you decide to leave Granza, what you brought into Granza leaves with you.

They see 4 ads

  • Anyone you refer to join as a new Granza user (your Level 1 users) will see your ad, plus 3 other non-competing ads.
  • The 4 ads are seen on a few screens in the user’s dashboard and on occasional emails sent by Granza regarding their user account information.
  • They remain as one of your email contacts.
  • Email contacts are always protected and NEVER shared. Only YOU can send them emails, which only contain YOUR ad and information.

They are both part of the same thing. Using either of them will drive new Granza users to join under you.

  • When you first join Granza, you choose your own unique promo code "name" up to 20 characters long, such as BESTRESTAURANT, FLORIDAVACATIONS or ABCMARKETING. So for example, then becomes your exclusive web address and link to your signup invitation page.
  • At the same time, Granza automatically creates a QR code image for you, which represents that link. When a new user scans the image or clicks the link, they are connected to your sign up invitation page. When they join Granza, they will see your ad throughout their Granza dashboard and elsewhere.
  • Every one of these new users that joins by way of your 'direct referral' STARTS ANOTHER viral chain for you. After that, it's all automatic! (And check out the FAQ above, "How does someone sign up under me so they will see my ad?")