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Granza Is Free Email Marketing With Viral Networking

Launching soon, Granza is a patented email marketing platform that uses human behavior to create your own private viral business network, all with zero competition. Our feature rich FREEMIUM plan blows all the others away. (It's not even close!)

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The Problem Left

The Problem

Since the '90's, email marketing campaigns have all done the same exact thing-they send a message from you to someone else and it stops right there. The odds that your business marketing will go beyond that are effectively zero unless you have big bucks. Why? Absolutely no incentive.

Problem Right
The Solution
The Problem Left

The Solution

Powerful new technology that any business can use free of charge. Here's how it works: Get your free Granza email marketing account, then offer the same free account to any business. When you sign up, and businesses you invite sign up, you both become part of a powerful viral chain. Granza dramatically increases your visibility, which slashes your marketing costs to a fraction of what they were.

All businesses see 4 non-competing ads in their user dashboard and statistical email notifications from Granza. Your ad goes along for the ride. This compounds into hundreds, even thousands of new eyes on your business, and it doesn't take much. All businesses get the same benefits and protections.

Why Is It Free?

The cost of doing business continues to increase. Granza wants to support businesses, not nickel and dime them for every little thing.

If you have a larger subscriber list or have special advertising needs, we charge a modest fee. Most users will not need them. From mortgage lenders to restaurants, all businesses can use Granza. Even your subscribers and their friends that own businesses should be invited to join, compliments of you.

Let Technology Do The Work

When your initial referrals join, we take it from there.

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Target your advertisement visibility any way that makes sense: by State(s), distance, zip codes or business organization types, to get the exact results you want.

Contact Viral

Your free viral advertisement is seen down to 4 levels in the Granza system. 100% on levels 1 and 2, 80% on level 3 and 70% on level 4.


Non competing premium “outside” advertisements take up the remainder.

So What's The Catch?

No catch. Your subscribers never see information for any other business in your campaigns, only yours. They belong to you. No sharing of any personal information with anyone, including yours. Like LinkedIn©, Facebook© and many others, all Granza users are potential customers, prospects and subscribers for each other.


No one sees competing advertisements.

Dollar Sign

You are not selling anything.


There is no revenue sharing. No MLM schemes.

A Ton Of Great Features!

Some of the tools and features you'll get for Free:


Up to 2,000

This will handle the needs of most users. You can upgrade your plan anytime.


Send Or Schedule
15,000 Emails

Send your email subscribers up to 15,000 emails per month. You get professional templates free of charge.

Merge Tags


Personalize every part of your email campaigns with easy to use drag and drop technology.

Signup Builder

List Signup Form

Customize subscriber signup forms for different lists. You can also embed the code on your website or blog.


3rd Party Contacts Import

Import your subscriber list from other platforms such as Mailchimp©, Constant Contact© and start going viral!

Unique Viral

Unique Viral Tools

Every Granza user gets a free viral ad, custom URL and QR code. They all automate your success and let you go viral.


Statistics, Including Heatmaps

Stats and powerful visuals give you easy to understand feedback.


Incredible Flexibility

Use any or all of Granza's powerful features. If you wish, you can keep your existing marketing platform and use Granza to raise your game.

Create Exceptional Email Campaigns

Premium, professional email templates that can be customized by using our flexible drag n' drop email builder. Just add your content and send out to your subscribers.

Our Email Template Editor
Email Campaign

Extensive Stats And Analytics

Easily track your email contact lists, campaigns, ads and downline.

Granza provides you a full range of statistics which inform you how well your marketing is doing. You get daily and weekly reports that let you keep track of your campaigns, email contacts, and ads.

Successful Deliveries




Spam Reports

Total Contacts


-2 this week



+23 this week



-2 this week

Subscribed via Granza - Ads or Signup invitation page


Granza users subscribed through your Ads or SignUp Invitation Page.

Subscribers via
your form


Users subscribed through your HTML web form.

Subscribers you


Users you added to the list manually or via import.

Open Rate


Total Unique Opens (1,734) / Total Successful Deliveries (5,101)

Click Rate


Total Unique Clicks (204) / Total Successful Deliveries (5,101)
Extensive Extensive

What Is Viral Power?

VIRAL POWER means growing your business with almost no effort on your part.


Sign up for your free Granza marketing account.


Offer the same free Granza marketing account to anyone you wish. When they join, each of those new users will see YOUR ad in multiple places in their own Granza marketing account, with ZERO competition.


Now you are going VIRAL, because every user THEY refer will see your ad and so on and so on. All information is private, safe and secure.

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